Family Fun – With Sports!

Looking for some fun fall activities to do as a family on weekends? There are a lot of amenities around the city that are free to use that can be fun for the whole family!

🎾 There are a number of free Tennis courts around the city. Bring your racket, a ball and be ready for some fun! If you don’t have a court nearby you can always play against a building wall.

🏀 Almost every park in the city has a basketball hoop. Make the most of it with a family basketball tournament. Kids against adults, one on one, the options are endless!

⚽️ Soccer is technically a team sport, but why not grab the soccer ball and take some shots on net? Or practice some fancy footwork in the yard. All you need is the soccer ball.

🏈 Football is another team sport, but if you’re having a family BBQ, a game of touch football could lead to lasting memories. It can also be fun just tossing the ball back and forth or seeing who can punt the furthest.

🏒🥅 Close with your neighbours? Why not have a neighbourhood street hockey game? If you live on a busy street there are lots of empty parking lots you could also take advantage of on the weekends.

Make lasting memories…for FREE! Keep an eye out on Sportaga’s Facebook and Instagram pages for more family game night suggestions. If you want to stick to more traditional activities, check out the options on our website!