The snow is coming, and with it all the fun family winter activities you can do in the city of London!

Boler Mountain

With lots to do in the winter and summer months, Boler Mountain is a great place to bring your family and build a love of skiing, snowboarding and the great outdoors. They are currently making snow for the winter season and will announce when the slopes are open. Keep an eye out on our socials for the announcement.


Once temperatures allow, the city of London has a number of free ice rinks for families to enjoy. Victoria Park and Covent Garden Market are both open to the public during the day. If you prefer to skate indoors, there are a number of London arenas that offer free and/ or affordable ice time.

See what the city has to offer.


It is a right of passage for every Canadian child to have a tobogganing story. This is a great way to stay active, get outside and make family memories! It is important to be safe when picking a location to play. Avoid spaces where the bottom of the hill has a busy road, or there are trees throughout the path. Bonus tip: try building your own ‘magic carpet’ with duct tape!

Enjoy the snow

Of course once the snow is here for the season there are lots of activities you can do in your own backyard! Build a snow man, create a snow fort, or have a friendly snow ball fight with the neighbours. Staying active is easy when there’s snow on the ground. As adults, we forget just how much fun this time of year can be. Time off over the holidays means lots of opportunities to create lasting memories!

Keep an eye on our Sportaga’s Facebook and Instagram accounts for activities throughout the season, as well as information about various events you can attand with the family!

Happy Holidays!