Hockey Try-out Tips!

Competitive tryouts can be a stressful time for children and parents! Here are some tips for both you and your child as you head into try outs over the next few weeks.

Tips for players

  • Work on your skills– stopping, cross overs, stick handling and puck control are all elements to work on and show off on the day.
  • Listen– Pay attention to what is being asked. If you’re not sure, ask questions! Being engaged is key during try outs and beyond.
  • Heart– No matter what you do, give it your all. You may not be the most talented stick handler, or have the best puck control, but heart and a great attitude will go a long way.
  • Have fun!


Tips for parents

  • Help your children prepare– Of course we want to encourage independence, but giving our children a helping hand can reduce their stress levels. Make sure they get a good night sleep before tryouts and on the day check that they have their equipment packed properly with all the essentials they need to succeed!
  • Healthy meals– Healthy meals are necessary for success. Not just the day of try outs, but the week before as well. Though it can be difficult to eat through nerves, try smaller healthy snacks in the days leading up. And make sure they have lots of water; staying hydrated is key.
  • Equipment– Make sure your child’s equipment fits them properly. This will help them perform better and most importantly keep them safe.
  • Ask Questions– It’s ok to ask the coach for constructive criticism if your child is looking to improve. Make sure to keep it polite and go in with an open mind.
  • Remember it’s a game– The most important thing to remember; this is a game. Not everyone will make the NHL, and that’s ok! Sports are a great way to build friendships, get physical activity and have fun. Staying positive is the best way to make sure your child develops a love for the game, no matter where they end up playing.


Have fun!! The best memories can be made while playing sports. Looking for some hockey training? Check out our hockey page for available local programs.

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