If you have young children, how do you choose which sport to enroll them in? If your child isn’t showing interest in any specific sport, narrowing it down can be a challenge. Experts say trying a number of different activities is the key to keeping kids activate and helping them their passion.


Where to start when choosing a sport?

It can be difficult to know where to start. We stated in our social posts Baseball, Soccer, Swimming and Cycling are some of the best sports to enroll your children. Many gravitate towards these because they are very accessible, equipment is not expensive, and there are a number of great programs across London.


What are the most popular children’s sports?

Basketball, Baseball, Soccer and Tennis are the most popular children’s sports in Canada. How do you choose which one to enroll in? Luckily these are all sports you can play in the backyard or a nearby park to see if your child likes them. It only takes two people to rally a tennis ball or play catch. All these activities also build great foundations for many other sports and life skills.

Exposing your kids to lots of activities is a key way to help your child become a well-rounded individual. Think about the activities they are interested in, then use the handy Sportaga search engine to find the programs offered in the city. Testing out different sports is the best way to find your child’s passion.

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