Healthy Snacks for your Kids

Nutrition is so important, especially for growing children. Instilling solid eating habits when children are young is the key to a healthy lifestyle as an adult. Life can get very busy with little ones around. It’s much easier to grab a quick bite at the drive through instead of preparing healthy snacks.

Nutritious snacks enable long lasting energy and is vital for an active child. Here are some ideas we’ve found helpful in the past!

Fruits– Apples, bananas, pears and grapes are all quick and easy snacks. Wash them before you put them in the fridge so they are ready when you need them!

Trail mix– Pre section trail mix after you buy it so your kids can easily grab a bag and go. Make sure to read camp rules since some don’t allow nuts; seeds are a great substitute if necessary. Even oven baked chickpeas can do the trick.

Yogurt– There are so many yogurt options these days. If your child isn’t a big fan, try freezing the tubes to feel more like a treat. This is a good source of calcium and protein- and it’s easy to put in their bag and go!

Water– We know, we’ve said it before but water is so important. Some local activity centres no longer sell bottled water, so bringing a reusable bottle is vital. Pack an empty one in your child’s activity bag so there will always be something to fill.

If you’re not sure where to look, social media platforms are filled with recipes and accounts that can help find the right snacks for your child. If all else fails, don’t feel bad about packing a bag of chips once or twice. Encouraging healthy eating as much as possible is key!

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