A note from the creator of Sportaga…

Sportaga solves a problem our parents never seemed to have. When I was a kid there weren’t many choices for sports or recreation camps. I remember going to the same hockey camp in the summer with all of my friends; it was a blast! Now as a parent of three active kids myself; a hockey coach and convenor, it appears there are TOO many sports camps, clinics and activities to choose from. The ability to select a camp can be overwhelming for today’s busy parents.

What could make the selection of camps easier? What would help me as a parent?
I decided what was missing was a localized, sports directory website. I wanted be able to plug in various sports and specifics for my kids, then receive a detailed list on what camps had to offer so I could compare.

Sportaga was born!

We hope it helps you find the right activity for your kids and continue their love of sports.


           Mike Grimbleby

Want to learn about what’s avaiable in London? Keep an eye out on Sportaga’s Facebook and Instagram pages for all your local sports content.